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‘Lockdown: Taking a positive view’ – THE WINNERS

‘Lockdown: Taking a positive view’ – THE WINNERS

1st Prize

Winning £1,000
Alma Rosaz (24) – “Dreaming Of A Beach”

‘Lockdown: Taking a positive view’ – THE WINNERS

2nd Prize

Winning £500
Felix Ziegler (18) – “2 Metres Apart”

‘Lockdown: Taking a positive view’ – THE WINNERS

3rd Prize

Winning £250
Flo Hendricks (17) – “Florentine’s Quarantine”

With 1.7million social media openings, Positive View attracted over 3,500 photography submissions from young people spread right across the UK. Their works were judged by renowned UK photographers Nadav Kander, Lucy Mohr, Simon Roberts and Richard Young.

“Our young winners have shown the power of photography to document their personal experiences of lockdown, at the same time supporting their own well-being during a challenging time. Their images are powerful and insightful and add to our collective understanding of how society is responding to the pandemic. The Royal Photographic Society is proud to be working with the Positive View Foundation to empower our next generation of photographers”.


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