They say when you reach the bottom the only way is up.

That’s not true on the Somerleyton Estate in Lambeth. With more than half the residents living in dire poverty, it’s more a case of when you reach the bottom, you stay there! How could it be otherwise on an estate The Department for Communities and Local Government classify as ‘extremely deprived’ and among the 10% most deprived areas in the entire country. Small wonder the Metropolitan Police give it the most serious classification of ‘red’ on their Gangs Matrix.

You might think it’s the last place we would want to work. In fact, it was the first and still continues to be the focus of our efforts today. Quite simply, it is where the greatest need exists.

However, Somerleyton is not the only Inner London estate battling against problems of deprivation and despair. That’s why Positive View launched its first Youth Empowerment Programme on Lambeth’s Somerleyton Estate in 2015.