RK's story

“I have been living on Lambeth’s Somerleyton Estate all my life since I was born, I am 20 years of age at the moment. I am semi legit in terms of work.

Somerleyton is really a rough place. Growing up I have seen all types of things happen from gang wars to police harassment and different types of conflicts between people.

I even got shot three years ago, I was leaving my grandmother’s house with my friends and then on the way to the shop we saw some gang members, who started chasing us and we started running back to my grandmother's house.

As I got outside my grandmother's house they started shooting, he was aiming for my face, but I used my hand to cover my face as that was my natural reaction when he fired, so the shot got my hand instead of my face. When I got shot, I realized that I need to change and do something else than being on the road.

The Positive View Empowerment Programme in a way has helped me envision things. It's made me able to tell a story from a picture and from this I am able to apply it especially to my life and work.

Positive View has transformed RK’s life, and he is now working as a sales assistant in a major Oxford Street store.