CS's story

“People like me on the Somerleyton Estate are faced with a host of temptations that can lead to violence, crime or worse. As a result, it becomes a major challenge for any young person committed to growing up as a positive member of the community.

By my 14th birthday, I had witnessed first-hand the social deprivation, sporadic violence and brutal turf wars that were part and parcel of life on my estate. It was against this background that I came in touch with Positive View.

At the beginning I wasn't too interested because photography is not something I wanted to do or learn. But I was wrong, taking part made me understand how I could observe where I live in a positive way. It was fun and educational and something I can now share with my friends.

I learnt a lot about cameras too - aperture, shutter speed and ISO, I didn't even know they existed in a camera. The project focused on my using the camera to document my estate and the surrounding area, which I am now continuing to do as a further six-month project.

Photography has taught me how to be patient and focus to get the result I want. I now have a camera that I can use to document and hopefully in the future become a photographer.”

Positive View has transformed CS’s life and she is currently acting as a studio assistant with a well know photographer. She is applying to go to art or photography college from September 2019.