‘Lockdown: Westminster’s taking a positive view’


Wednesday 13th January 2021 saw Positive View Foundation’s launch of an exclusive youth photographic competition entitled ‘Lockdown: Westminster’s taking a positive view’.  This high profile and unique photography event is being delivered in partnership with the Young Westminster Foundation and Westminster’s City Lions.

The ‘Westminster Young Photographer of the Year’ welcomes submissions from two age groups, 11-15 and 16-25 years old. (1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be awarded in each group). Entrants must be living in Westminster, or attending school in Westminster, and can submit five original photographs that really sum up what life’s like for you during these crazy Covid-19 times. 

And as well as the chance to win a prize, we hope you’ll find that it’s a good way to carry on thinking creatively, to kick-back against boredom and your mental health, and to remain motivated to use your skills even though you’re stuck indoors.

Your entries need to be received by the organisers, Positive View Foundation, at the email address below, by the closing date - 31st May 2021.  Please ensure you have your parents/carers permission to enter the competition if you are aged between 11 and 15 years old.


Using either your personal camera or the one on your phone, we want you to show us what the Covid-19 lockdown means to you and the impact it is having on your day-to-day life. You can use black and white or colour photography, or some of each.  You can submit up to a total of 5 of your favourite images from one theme – or from a combination of themes. 

Here’s a few ideas for starters: your selected images can collectively  represent any themes you choose – for example:  behind your closed doors… a view through your window… street-life, (or the lack of it)… portraits including masked people. But it’s up to you – the brief is totally open to whichever theme you personally create and want to capture, as long as you submit no more than 5 photographs overall.


Email your favourite 5 favourite photographs to no later than 31st May 2021.  Please make sure that you also include your name, age, home address and email, plus the title you have given each photograph.  We will regularly email you news updates, and you can phone us anytime should you need help, or advice. Winners will be announced on 31st July 2021. At the same time we will launch an exhibition featuring the top 25 works chosen by our judges, who are each highly regarded international photographers.


Positive View Foundation is a unique youth charity supported by The Arts Council and the Royal Photographic Society. We use photography and film to transform the lives of some of Westminster’s most vulnerable 16-25 year olds. To read more about us, and this incredible photography project, visit or email our Competition Organiser at


  • All submissions need to be emailed to no later than Monday 31st May 2021.
  • Include your Name, Age, Email Address, and Westminster postcode – so we can email you frequent news updates.
  • Include the titles of each of the 5 photographs you are submitting for judging


  • You must be 11-15 or 16-25 years old.
  • Your submitted photographs must be new images you have taken in or around Westminster, or the local Westminster area where you are living during this current lockdown period.
  • Observe the Government’s Covid-19 guidelines whilst taking photographs
  • You can use either your own camera, or the camera on your mobile phone.
  • The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners, in each of the two age groups will be announced and notified on 31st July 2021.
  • The winners and shortlisted runners-up will be featured on the Positive View Foundation’s website (
  • Please don’t hesitate to email Lucia Power, Youth Empowerment Executive, if you have any questions. (
  • As the photographer you own the copyright for each image.


The Promoter:  Positive View Foundation (Charity Number: 1142532). Contact 020 3327 1272, email:  

‘Westminster Young Photographer of the Year’ and ‘Lockdown: Westminster’s taking a positive view’ are the property of The Positive View Foundation.  Prize money will be paid to winners in the form of Amazon Vouchers, rather than cash. 

Four independent and highly regarded professional photographers will judge prizewinners for each of the two age groups.

‘Westminster Young Photographer of the Year’ and ‘Lockdown: Westminster’s taking a positive view’ are the property of The Positive View Foundation.

Winner Notification: The winners will be notified by email via the email provided at point of entry within 28 days of the closing date and prizes will be mailed to winners 14 days from notification. 

Data Protection: Any personal information that entrants share with the Promoter will be kept secure and only used in line with these terms and conditions unless the entrant has opted in to future marketing from the Promoter and/or the Supplier. By entering the promotion, entrants agree that their information may be used by the Promoter to announce the winners to the media.


‘Lockdown: Taking a positive view’ – THE WINNERS

‘Lockdown: Taking a positive view’ – THE WINNERS

Positive View Supported by The Royal Photographic Society

Positive View Supported by The Royal Photographic Society

The Royal Photographic Society has agreed to support the Positive View Foundation. This is a great honour for Positive View and reflects the position of the RPS within photography and the power of photography to create social change.

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Film "How photography changed our lives"

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The Royal Photographic Society honours Positive View with a four-spread cover feature.

The Royal Photographic Society honours Positive View with a four-spread cover feature.

“The work of the charity Positive View can be read on two levels: Andrew Page, founder, has used photography to change the lives of people from difficult backgrounds by giving them both the means and encouragement. The young photographers themselves have each taken the opportunity to literally in both hands to open for us a window into their lives, and show the important influences on them: their family, chaotic living or social anxiety”. Paul Ashley, Editor.

‘SE Kent Young Photographer of the Year Award’

‘SE Kent Young Photographer of the Year Award’