Aims and Objectives


Positive View Foundation is a unique charity that supports the most deprived 16-25 year olds living on our most challenging estates - their upbringing having led them to negative consequences, both for themselves and others amongst their community.

Positive View’s innovative, and highly effective, Youth Empowerment Programme uses photography and film to successfully lead these highly vulnerable young adults into further education, training, employment, or community voluntary work – and out of a vicious circle of family disintegration, gang violence, crime, and drugs.


To achieve this, it is vital we listen to those whom we support – enabling these young people to ‘own’ their project. Our objective is to involve and consult young people so that we may understand the personal issues they themselves want to tackle: by being personally involved in planning the content of each 10-week project; by taking a peer-to-peer approach: and by developing and promoting the passion and commitment to build a positive and self-fulfilling future life.


We aim to be pioneering, significant, celebrated, effective, life-changing, transparent and accountable. By constantly measuring ourselves against these values, we ensure our approaches are consistent with who we are and how we wish to be seen by others.