Benjamin's story

“At the age of 11 years I came over to the United Kingdom to join my mother and father. In my preparation of coming here I was so excited. I use to dream about England, some of my dreams were big houses, lots of money, no more struggling.

“On the other hand when I reached England it was absolutely different. I saw poverty here when I thought I was escaping it. I saw real difficult times here where many don't help others which seemed strange to me because in Africa you talk to everyone you see.

“Growing up in this environment made me give up on my dreams. Let me tell you why. I have been arrested, been stopped and searched on several occasions, been labeled as a gang member,

“I got involved with the “Take Aim. Shoot.” project through Dennis Gyamfi. I am someone who is very interested in cameras and pictures. I loved the workshop because I got a lot of insight about cameras. Before I will be hanging around on the street. Now I have been going out taking pictures and engaging with society.”

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