Work-Ready Project

As someone who grew up on an inner London estate himself, Rio Ferdinand understood better than most the hurdles those from a similar background face when starting out to find work. He decided to do something positive about it by creating The Rio Ferdinand Foundation. Its mission then as now was to inspire young people and give them the tools to get a foot on the employment ladder.

Inspiring young people and giving them the confidence to realize their potential is at the heart of our own work. That’s why, when it came to delivering our Work-Ready Project, we chose to do it in partnership with Rio’s foundation.

Through this meeting of minds, those who graduate through our Personal Development Project have the chance to follow the Foundation’s highly effective employability and training programmes.  When they complete these, links with local employers mean work experience, placements, apprenticeships and vocational training are all possibilities, as are specialist training packages tailored to specific industries.

But it’s not all one way traffic. The Rio Ferdinand Foundation also send their young people to us when they feel they would benefit from our Personal Development Project.

Rio Ferdinand stated: “At the Foundation we recognize that young people are motivated by a whole range of sports, arts and cultural activities. In order to meet those needs and interests, we partner with a range of specialist agencies and it is fantastic that we are now working with Positive View to introduce their young people to our employability and training programmes.”

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